BGG Spring ’16 Weight Loss Challenge Diary Entry 02

BGG thru 160407

Another week, another couple of  pounds down. The challenge runs until the middle of May, and participants are considered successful if they lose 6% of their overall weight by the last day of the challenge. As indicated by the chart above, my rate of weight loss has slowed by a bit. Despite that, I am still on track to lose the 16.7 pounds I need to by May 15 to successfully complete the challenge successfully. In fact, having lost 11.3 pounds already, I am 2/3s the way there and have more than a month to go.

I’ve been able to maintain this by carefully regulating the amount of calories I eat and incorporating some light exercise, mostly walking. My only major lapse came on Saturday when, after a session of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, my rebel partner and I celebrated our victory over the hated Empire with a trip to the local sushi bar, where we succumbed to a small temptation…

22 pieces sushi, 12 pieces of sashimi, and a dragon roll. It was a great deal, and a really great meal.

As a side note, each piece of sushi clocks in around fifty calories. We may have overdone it. slightly.

BGG Forecase

This week’s forecast is slightly more realistic, as opposed to last week which was calling for me to lose somewhere on the order of fifty pounds in two months (which is possible maybe but screw that). The new forecast is to lose somewhere on the order of 35 pounds instead. Obviously these numbers are still soft to the point of being squishy, but if I were to lose about twenty pounds in less than two months due to light exercise and adopting healthier eating habits I would be pleased as punch.

BGG Spring ’16 Weight Loss Challenge Diary Entry 02