We Were Playing It Wrong: Century: Spice Road

Century: Spice Road, by Emerson Matsuuchi, 2-5 Players, Plan B Games, 2017

Some fellows and I recently had a chance to plau Century: Spice Road, designed by Emerson Matsuuchi (Spectre Ops), and also the maiden title of Plan B games, who have planned a trilogy of linked games. Our early impressions of this one are pretty good: you get some stuff, trade it for better stuff, then make some money and the person with the most money when the game is over wins. It’s like Merchant of Venus without a map and plays somewhat similarly to Splendor, although the similarity ends pretty quickly.

Our mistake involved the trade cards, examples of which are depicted below. In the game there are a few types of cards. The most numerous type of card let’s you swap your stuff for other, better stuff. When we played the game we thought that you could only use this ability once per play. However, closer inspection of the rules shows that a player can execute as many swaps as they like using the terms printed on the card. For example, on the card shown below,  the player playing the card could use it twice in a single play, swapping 4 browns for 4 greens and 6 reds. A player could use it more than that if they wanted, but the ten cube maximum makes it less of a good play.

This mistake changes up the game a bit. I felt like we all picked up too many trade cards and the reason is probably because we overlooked this rule, costing ourselves valuable plays.

Century:Spice Road is definitely worth checking out!

Examples of trade cards
We Were Playing It Wrong: Century: Spice Road