Quick-Reference Error Index


This page will be updated and serve as a running list of all the mistakes I chronicle in the main blog. Readers who want to quickly look for errors without reading the full post can do so here. Game entries are listed alphabetically.

Archer: The Danger Zone!: Players may only play one character card of those drawn during a mission.

Bad Beets: The 4 beets given to the target of a Tattletale action are taken from the player taking the action, not the supply of tokens.

BohnanzaPlayers may not harvest a bean field that has only one bean card in it if they have a bean field that has more than one bean card; the active player does not need to plant beans acquired in the trading phase immediately, but can wait until the end of the trading phase.

Capt. Sonar: Surfacing confers no additional movement, Drones entitle the using player to ask if the opposing sub is in a particular zone, Silent system checks off boxes per usual for moving, 1st Mate can use Sonar and Drone systems independently of Captain.

Ghost Stories: (guest post by Chippen. N.) On turn effects trigger only for the current player’s board, not all players’ boards. New ghosts are not placed on currently completely filled boards, but in other spaces instead.

The GrizzledCards played on failed missions return to the deck after the failed mission concludes.

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to KingPlayers buy tiles one at a time in a round, but may buy more than one tile over the course of multiple rounds occurring within a turn.

Kingsburg: Each player may only use one [+2] token per season to influence advisors.

Mafia de Cuba: The Consigliere may place only roles in the little black bag; the player who picks last from the cigar box may opt to not pick anything.

MysteriumThe ghost refills his or her hand in between distributing clues; the investigators are given their intuition markers back at the beginning of turn four.

The Pillars of the EarthPlayers may keep no more than five resource cubes between turns.

Scythe: When interacting with the Factory deck, the first player draws (number of players +1), selects one, returns the rest face-down. Mechs may carry workers into combat, the game ends immediately when a player places their sixth star.

Sushi Go!: Pudding is scored at the end of the game and only once, not at the end of each round.

TakenokoTiles placed to increase the size of the garden must touch either the pool or two other tiles.